Fredag, 23. april 2021 - 0:40

Forventes afholdt på Hesselet, Nyborg mellem 18. og 20. november 2021. Program, abstract indsendelse og tilmelding følger. 

Mandag, 3. maj 2021 - 16:27

Medac announces a grant to support research and development for urothelial cancer in the Nordic countries. Medac´s intention with this grant is to support Nordic resident physicians and/or specialists within urology with interest in research and development. Applications will be evaluated by a reviewing committee, consisting of members from NORdic uroTHelial cancer REsearch Group – NORTH-REG and Medac.

Applicants: Resident...

Fredag, 23. april 2021 - 0:59

THE AARHUS TALKS II is the second, in a planned row, of small intense, interactive meetings between paediatricians, adult urologists and paediatric urologists to share, discuss and agree on current issues in paediatric urology. There is an inherent need to achieve common understanding on the nature, diagnosis, follow-up and treatment of different congenital conditions of the urinary tract and genitalia.

This second meeting

Torsdag, 22. april 2021 - 23:48
Danehoffets styregruppe har valgt at aflyse Danehoffet 2021 pga de fortsat usikre COVID-19 tilstande.
Selvom alle lægelige deltagere vil være vaccineret vil vores industrideltagere ikke med sikkerhed være det. Vi kender vi ikke til forsamlingreglerne og kommer heller ikke til det før kort tid før samlingstidspunktet. Kursusstedet kan ikke have 50 mennesker med de aktuelle afstandskrav. Vi har ikke råd til at lave et helt program...
Tirsdag, 23. marts 2021 - 15:11

Dear friends and colleagues

Once again, we have the great pleasure to invite urologists and paediatric urologists to Aarhus to attend the XXIst annual practical course in Robotic/Laparoscopic Urology. As in previous years, we will focus on complications. Laparoscopy is no longer in its infancy and with its dissemination into the realm of the conventional,

it is now time to address some of the