November 5th and 6th 2015
Institute of Clinical Medicine
Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark


Day 1 .5th...

Dear all,

We the Organizing Committee would on behalf of the Scandinavian Association of Urology like to welcome the staff of your Urological Department to the Nordisk...

Dear colleagues!

We are glad to announce that the registration for the 2nd Course for Nordic Residents in Urology is now open!

This year we will be addressing the...

Welcome to urologist and other people with a interest in bladder cancer and urinary diversion.

Thursday November 6
08:00 - 16:30

Språk: Skandinaviska Målgrupp: Läkare under specialistutbildning i urologi, samt urologer och op-sköterskor med särskilt intresse för ureteroskopi.


Dear friends and colleagues. It is once again The Scandinavian Academy of Minimally Invasive Surgery (S*A*M*I*S)’ pleasure, to invite you to Aarhus to attend the XVth annual practical course in...


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